About us

Oslo Revisjon AS was founded in 1985 and is centrally situated at Skoeyen business area in Oslo.

We have clients in various branches and of various sizes. Most of the clients are located in the area around Oslo, but we serve all parts of Norway.

Oslo Revisjon AS is member of The Norwegian Institute of Public accountants. To provide services for our clients, which operate abroad, we have a net of contacts of professional accountants and consultants from almost the entire world. We have national and international contacts and can manage national and international work.

We render services and products worked out on a base of high professional standard. The work is efficiently executed with the latest equipment within computer technology.

Our services
Preparing financial statements for a wide range of companies, partnerships and Incorporated business.

Auditing financial statements of a wide range of private companies in various branches.

Tax planning in all forms of taxation, income taxes, international taxation and VAT. Working out taxation papers for companies and private persons.

Management Consultancy:
Company establishments, mergers and acquisition, due diligence, computerising and other advises required.